About James Sasso

Education & Training

  • Bachelor of Arts in Music Education, Berklee College of Music
  • Masters in Education, LU, Virginia
  • Over 100 Piano Technician Guild Conventions, Seminars, Training Sessions, and Hands-on Classes throughout the United States
  • Certification in Pianodisc computerized player piano installation through Mason & Hamlin piano factory in Haverhill, Massachusetts
  • Intensive training under the PTG Boston Chapter president  at Berklee College of Music

Piano Tuning & Service

​Atlantic Player Piano

Displaying a 1930's miniature player piano.


James Sasso received special training at Berklee College of Music for piano tuning under Boston Chapter Piano Technicians Guild president Thomas Sheehan. He then worked at Berklee as a technician under Mr. Sheehan getting intensive experience in the piano trade, including major and minor repairs, rebuilding, parts repair and replacement, restringing, voicing, as well as performing over a thousand tunings. He was recognized for his ability for creating uniformity in the tuning temperament, across all styles and sizes of pianos. After graduation James created Atlantic Player Piano, specializing in the restoration of antique player pianos as well as other types of pianos. He has continued perfecting his various skills in the trade, attending numerous technician training seminars through the years offered through the Piano Technicians Guild. He also has worked to acquire advanced college degrees to help educate pianists, students, and other tuner technicians. He is a contributor to the Piano Technicians Guild Journal, a monthly periodical distributed worldwide.