Piano Tuning & Service

​Atlantic Player Piano



Piano tunings are recommended on a regular basis; usually twice a year to coincide with seasonal weather changes. A piano that needs major pitch adjustments to bring it to concert pitch (A440) requiring multiple tunings can usually be tuned in one visit. Also, historical tunings other than equal temperament are available. Minor adjustments or repairs to the piano action are included in the tuning fee.


All major and minor repairs can be performed, including broken strings, broken hammers, and broken keys. Interior action repairs as well as exterior repairs to the case, case parts and pedals can be accomplished, very often in the home.


Regulation is the process by which the hammer/key action is adjusted to function for optimum performance and touch response. Regulation can also involve changing the feel of the keys to a lighter or heavier touch by the changing the ratios between parts slightly or with an introduced touchweight system that adjusts the touch of each key individually for uniformity.

Vintage Upright Piano Reconditioning

Often an old upright piano is present in a home or obtained for free but needs many facets of repair to be playable. Special reconditioning rates are offered to economically restore many of these pianos to lesson-grade playablilty. Similar values can be offered for grand pianos in need of reconditioning.

Player Pianos

A long-time specialty has been the restoration and sales of vintage (circa 1920’s) player pianos. In addition to repairs and reconditioning of older player pianos, I am a certified Pianodisc © installer. Therefore most grand pianos and many upright pianos can be customized with a modern player system that syncs with your iPhone or iPad.


Atlantic Player Piano sales has concentrated on restored player pianos along with many makes of console, upright, and grand pianos. More recently the company has featured high-quality pre-owned pianos such as Steinway, Steinert, and Yamaha brands. Because I have done thousands of tunings on hundreds of brand names, I will be able to educate you to various makes. If you are considering purchasing a piano on the web or from a private party my appraisal and consultation service can inform you of any existing or potential problems.

Rebuilding and Restoration

Rebuilding and restoration are operations that go beyond repairs, most often involving parts replacement on a grand scale. Although more expensive than reconditioning, rebuilding is a long-term solution to the problem or worn out or broken parts. In the case of a family heirloom, the option of restoration can be considered with weight to the many factors involved in determining the value of the instrument; both sentimental and monetary value. An educated piano owner can then decide whether to restore an instrument or purchase a new one.